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Family First must die... - Rebecca [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Family First must die... [Dec. 9th, 2005|07:54 pm]
[mood |angryangry]

What the fuck?

Senator Barnaby Joyce, after selling out on everything else, finally takes a stand on VSU, of all things, and crosses the floor. The government effectively gives up on getting the legislation through this year. Instead, Family First's Steve Fielding votes with the government and passes it, after saying all year that he wouldn't support it, and having received pleas from evangelical student groups not to do it.

I smell a rat. Abortion laws? Queer rights laws? Pornography laws? Violence on television? Swearing on television? Now we wait for the bribe.


So it was abortion laws. RU486. Shame, Senator Fielding, shame.