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(no subject) [Jan. 10th, 2007|12:21 am]
[Current Location |Torquay]
[music |Indigo Girls - Galileo]

It's strange being back here this time around. For the first time, it really doesn't feel like coming home: these days, Canberra is very much home, and Torquay means visiting the parents. I've been gone for long enough that I really don't know that many people down here anymore - with the exception of Belinda, Alex, and Beth (were she not in Japan), there's really no one around. This place is rapidly changing, too, as more and more yuppies decide to head to the coast - among other things, the site of my old primary school and the site of my old kindergarten are about to become masses of multi-storey townhouses. Still, I don't much mind. I haven't been very attached to this place in a long time, and Canberra suits me fine these days.

I've been alternating between feeling really horribly bored (I thought I'd stooped low when I started playing Pokemon, god help me, and then I found myself getting a Myspace account), feeling homesick for Canberra, and feeling really inspired. For all the flaws of this place, the rugged coast is absolutely beautiful. I forget how much I used to enjoy walking around the beaches when I was doing school via distance education.

It's been a bit strange having to finally come out to people down here, or have them work it out for themselves. I went around to Alex's for a few drinks the other day, which gave us the chance to have a much-needed talk. I don't have that many friends from before high school, so it's kind of nice to have someone that I've known since I was four react so well. Still, if anyone had reason to guess, it was probably her - she was about the only person that I trusted in primary school. Abbey dropped around, as well - I wouldn't have seen her in about four years. Anyway, it was a fun afternoon, and I'm sure I'll be seeing a bit more of them before I leave. It hasn't been all pleasant, though - I had the misfortune of running into Lyndal - one of my better friends from high school who I'd lost touch with - on New Year's Day, which was more than a bit awkward. On the other hand, the opportunity to screw with the heads of some of the dipshits from my school days can be pretty funny.

Anyway, I'm not sure when I'll be back in Canberra. I'm kind of enjoying being looked after, and it's saving me quite a bit of money, but I'm bored out of my mind. I'll be sticking around for Belinda's engagement party (although me and a bunch of Southern Baptists could be interesting). I'm also waiting for ACT Housing to make up its mind about the flats before I go back, so I can either start packing or renovating as soon as I do. In the meantime, I'm enjoying actually having money (which, plus having nothing else to do, means much shopping). I'll have to be back before O Week though, as I don't think I'm going to take the semester entirely off uni after all - as far as I can see from looking through the uni website, it's much, much less of a bureaucratic dance if I take one gender studies subject instead of actually taking the whole semester off.

On a final note, I discovered today (belatedly) that the lead singer and guitarist of Felpeyu, a Spanish band we had stay here a few years ago (and had quite a bit of fun with, despite their lack of English) were killed in a car accident in Spain last year. They were great people, and great musicians. Life is too short sometimes.
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2006|10:26 am]
[Current Location |Chifley Library]

One of the theorists we were discussing in gender studies this morning described the ballerina as "a big dancing phallus with mascara on top." Only in gender studies.

A magpie tried to steal my breakfast in Civic this morning, and knocked it out of my hands. Stupid bird.
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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2006|01:06 pm]
[mood |cynicalcynical]
[music |Goo Goo Dolls - Slide (Acoustic)]

My god, the federal Labor Party is crap.

I really admire Jon Stanhope for trying to get this civil unions legislation through here in the ACT, even if Howard does ultimately override it. I've just been reading an interesting blog post from Tasmanian activist Rodney Croome where he (quite fairly in my opinion) compares this to Gavin Newsom's act as Mayor of San Francisco, which made same-sex marriage an issue in North America like never before. I'm hardly surprised that the Liberals are engaging in bastardry over it, but I wish I was surprised at federal Labor's response.

Shadow Attorney-General Nicola Roxon was forced to comment on Stanhope's bill this week, and managed to get through the entire thing without once saying any of the words "gay", "lesbian", "homosexual", "marriage", "discrimination", "prejudice", "same-sex" or "homophobia", instead doing a Bjelke-Petersen and going off on a tangent about industrial relations. Every time I think Labor might have regained some semblance of a social conscience, they do something bizarre like this.
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2006|06:02 pm]
Last night was really rough. I haven't been that low in a very long time.
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2006|09:01 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |Indigo Girls - Gallileo]

After the last few weeks, it’s lovely to finally have one of those nights that feels like it couldn’t be better. It looks like I’ve finally settled most of the furniture situation, with it seeming likely that I’ll be able to buy a desk, kitchen table, chairs and sofa for $300 and have it delivered for an extra $30 or so, even if that did mean a couple of trips out to wretched Mitchell (an hot, scorched, shelterless industrial estate that I swear I will *never* visit again if I can avoid it after Friday). That more or less just leaves a bed, coffee table, TV table, bookshelf and kitchen implements, all of which can wait a little while and I should be able to secure with a little help from the parents. I’ve finally got curtains for the landing window, too, although they’re a little bit too short, so I’m going to have to try and move the hooks down in the morning. I’ve also bought curtain rods for both bedroom windows and the main lounge room window, and my mother, god bless her, is going to make pretty curtains for all three. I can’t settle the furniture situation until Friday, and tomorrow is set to be hot as hell, so I’ll spend the day doing a much needed clean and clean-up, which should finally set things in the apartment well on the way to being all set up.

After that, tonight was a well needed respite. I ran into Renee while I was heading home, who I hadn’t seen since we both moved out of hall at the same time. I then ran into James while I was getting the number of the estate security service off a passing officer, and James helped allay some fears I’d been having about living here – I’ve been jumping at shadows in recent days. Then it was off to trivia with the uni group, which is always a good night, so I’m glad we’ve started it again this year. Cheap food, quite a bit of beer, and getting absolutely thrashed at trivia. It’s becoming a weekly Wednesday ritual. My knowledge is usually a little too obscure to be of much use, but I nearly won us a jug of beer by knowing who Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was, except we were up the back of the room and thus missed out. Anyway, the others left once we finished, and Libby and I stuck around to discover that we had indeed managed to finish last. It gave us the chance to talk some, and she gave me a lift home, even though she really didn’t need to since I practically live in Civic these days. It’s been a while since we’ve had anything resembling a deep and meaningful, and that coming against the backdrop of Augie March’s oh-so-brilliant new single “One Crowded Hour” was just perfect. (I was never much of a fan of Augie March until I heard them play an utterly brilliant set at the Meredith Music Festival in 2003, of which this then-new song, which they’ve finally recorded, was the highlight). It’s just been a run of little things, but I’m suddenly feeling more settled than I’ve been in quite a long time, and definitely since I moved.
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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2006|11:25 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Ani DiFranco - I'm No Heroine]

Two days left, and I'm just about counting the hours. A month in this place is definitely too long.

I finally caught up with Beth tonight, having not seen her since high school graduation. She's just got back from spending the last year in Europe, spending the first six months teaching English in a small town in Romania, and spending the second half backpacking through virtually all the major cities in western Europe. Unsurprisingly, she had many stories to tell, including meeting a guy on her last night in Paris, leading to a date at the top of the Eiffel Tower, a sequence of events which led to her Romanian boyfriend ending up as an illegal immigrant in France, and getting absolutely plastered with Russian vodka on the banks of the Danube. I'd love to take a similar trip, but I think it'll be a few years before I have anywhere near enough money. In any case, Beth's grown up quite a bit, and we seem to have more in common than ever, so it was a good night.

Apart from that, it's been a fairly dull few weeks. I haven't actually gotten around to catching up with anyone else, as much as I had meant to see Natalie and the other Alex again, and I haven't spent nearly as much time with Belinda as I'd meant to. My iPod mysteriously vanished around Christmas, and we searched absolutely everywhere, so thankfully insurance was able to cover it, and I now have a 30 gig video iPod instead of a 20 gig not-video iPod. As I was not looking forward to the prospect of a 12 hour trip home without any music or anything, this makes me happy.
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Family First must die... [Dec. 9th, 2005|07:54 pm]
[mood |angryangry]

What the fuck?

Senator Barnaby Joyce, after selling out on everything else, finally takes a stand on VSU, of all things, and crosses the floor. The government effectively gives up on getting the legislation through this year. Instead, Family First's Steve Fielding votes with the government and passes it, after saying all year that he wouldn't support it, and having received pleas from evangelical student groups not to do it.

I smell a rat. Abortion laws? Queer rights laws? Pornography laws? Violence on television? Swearing on television? Now we wait for the bribe.


So it was abortion laws. RU486. Shame, Senator Fielding, shame.
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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2005|10:50 pm]
[mood |worriedworried]

Moving seems to be turning into an utter nightmare. While my new apartment is quite a bit better than I expected; cleaner, larger and generally nicer, and the building isn't too bad (even if the lift is a complete death trap), I'm running out of time to get my things moved. I have several things which I cannot realistically move any other way except by car, and I don't have one, nor do I have any friends who I can get to help out on what is fairly short notice. I *have* to leave Canberra early Tuesday morning, and unless some unforeseen alternative arrives, I'm really fucked.
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(no subject) [Nov. 28th, 2005|01:31 pm]
[mood |relievedrelieved]
[music |Ralph McTell - In the Dreamtime]

Thank god. Distinctions in both arts, a credit in the non-substantive law subject, and a pass in the substantive one. Basically the same as last semester, only not quite so borderline a pass in law. It is such a relief knowing that I never, ever have to touch contract law ever again.

So now that I know I won't have to repeat anything, I've been looking at my subjects for next year. I won't get any electives in law, but public law and criminal law (first semester) should both be really interesting, as should international law (second semester). Legal theory will be a bit painful, but it'll be kind of outweighed by the other three. Arts, on the other hand, is something I really can't wait for. Politics in Central Asia in first semester and politics in the Pacific in second semester. I've got a choice of two gender studies units in first semester, both of which look fascinating; I'll have to talk to Libby about which would be better, although the only second-semester unit running is not my kind of thing, so I might do another unit from somewhere else in second semester.
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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2005|10:57 am]
[mood |annoyed at all and sundry]
[music |Sarah McLachlan - Angel]

I think friends journal lists cuts are the utter peak of rudeness, particularly when it's someone you've been friends with for years. I could care less whether anyone actually reads this, but ugh...that's so rude.
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